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While we often search for the destination, it’s in the journey that we learn so my journey, like most, started very different than how I anticipated it would turn out. 

I started my professional career as a dancer at the age of twenty and carried on an international performing activity dancing with ensemble of Imperial Russian Ballet, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Wiener Volksoper, National Theater in Belgrade, National Opera of Olomouc, National Theater of Sibiu, etc. touring all over Italy, Spain, Serbia, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea.

I approached GYROTONIC® Method because of a knee problem in 2007 and to improve flexibility, then in 2015, after have been practicing constantly the GYROTONIC® Method for about 8 years, I started my journey to become a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® instructor, studying in Rome with Master Trainer Pietro Gagliardi.

At the same time I started deepening my Yoga practice, reading more about body/mind connections and spiritual philosophy.

My enthusiasm, my desire to share these practices with others and the passion for travelling, led me to move and share my passion in Asia, where I stayed for about a year: I fulfilled another of my childhood dream.

I was a successful instructor in many different pilates and fitness centers in Tokyo but I was unhappy: too much stress, inhumane working hours with the pressure to live in a society where only if you make lot of money you are successful.

At that time work is all I've ever known.

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